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Legacy Advanced Health provides family practice medicine that puts the medical provider-patient relationship first, using an affordable monthly-membership model that doesn’t accept insurance.

Legacy’s intention is to bridge the gap in healthcare by making it accessible and affordable for all with our one fee monthly membership that provides you access to a healthcare provider without the long wait, deductibles and regardless of previous medical condition.

We are a refreshingly simple and smarter way for you to take a proactive approach toward your health. Instead of insurance, Legacy Advanced Health charges an affordable fixed monthly membership rate to make getting medical care accessible to all.

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Membership Benefits Include:

Unlimited Medical Visits, EKG, Wellness Visits, Prescription Refill, GYN, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Diabetes Care, Sports, and Employment Physicals.

Blood Work: CMP, Lipid Panel, Thyroid Panel, CBC, A1C, Uric Acid and more.

Zero Co-Pays

No flat fees to pay your doctor for services rendered. This is great if you frequently have doctor visits.

Thorough Consultations

We take pride in developing a relationship with you. Our consultations are confidential and customized to serve you better.


Legacy's mission is to provide you with a value-based care and we have been researching Medicare services and found out that they too are putting the patient first

No Deductibles

You do not have to meet a minimum balance before we will contribute to your healthcare expenses.

Shorter Waits for Appointments

Just schedule your appointment and we can assist in getting you in as soon as possible. It's just that simple.

No Insurance Required

Health Insurance can be very confusing. One of the great benefits of Legacy Advance Health is that no insurance is required. We make healthcare simple.

"Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare environment."- "Dr. Jonathan Gobi"

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